Midland Bay Sailing Club


Please read carefully the entire document.

Goal and Guiding Principles

This Code of Conduct is intended to educate all members of the procedures in place to ensure that we may safely be at the MBSC and to confirm that all members will take shared responsibility towards meeting the requirements related to COVID-19.

As a member of the MBSC and boat owner, I agree to the following to help ensure the health and safety of everyone associated with the club.

I will not, under any circumstances, come to the Club if I have any symptoms of COVID-19 or, if anyone I am living with or have had contact with has such symptoms. Please refer to the provincial guide for guidance https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/. If symptomatic, I will advise the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit by calling 705-721-7520 or, Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 and a member of the Executive Committee. I will also assign an alternate person without any COVID-19 symptoms, and with whom I have not had contact, to attend and address the required launch preparations of my boat.

If I have a condition whereby I am immune-suppressed or have a chronic illness, I will consult a physician or public health resource to help me decide if I should come to the MBSC.

I understand:

  • in this first phase of opening I, and one other person residing in my household, will come to the MBSC only to prepare my boat for launch.
  • during launch preparations, I will not invite guests to the MBSC property unless authorized by a member of the Executive Committee.


  • I will maintain physical distancing of 6 feet (2 metres) unless working with a member of my household and not congregate in groups.
  • If unable to maintain required physical distancing, I will arrange with my neighbours to wait, or if necessary, return to the MBSC at another time.
  • I will carry a face mask with me and if I am at risk of being unable to maintain physical distancing, I will ensure my face mask is worn over mouth and nose.
  • When hiring a contractor to work on my boat, I will be responsible for that person’s conduct at the MBSC. They will be shown this Code of Conduct and must fully respect it.
  • I will watch for and follow signage and other directives from the MBSC staff and Officers and stay current with the situation as it evolves.


  • I will use the hand washing, hand sanitizer and wipes provided by MBSC to wipe down any door handles, or shared areas before and after I touch them.
  • I will wash my hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after handling shared equipment such as tools, hoses or electrical cords etc.
  • I will also bring my own soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer and sanitize hands regularly.
  • I will bring my own tools and gloves.
  • I will not leave tools at the club.
  • I will keep my work area clean.
  • I will store and lock only ladders under my boat.
  • I will place all trash and recycling in the dumpster and recycling bins at the gate or take with me to dispose of at home. I will not leave any personal garbage or cleaning product containers etc. anywhere on the property.
  • If I use a personal mask or single-use gloves I will take them home and disposed of appropriately.
  • I understand that gloves are not a substitute for washing hands.

MBSC Clubhouse Amenities

I understand:

  • that members can enter the clubhouse only to use the washrooms or to retrieve emergency first aid equipment unless authorized otherwise by a member of the Executive Committee.
  • only two people will be permitted in the clubhouse at a time to use the washrooms and MUST wear a mask.
  • access to the clubhouse will only be through the front door.
  • hand sanitizer will be available in the front corridor of the clubhouse.
  • there will be only be two (2) washrooms (#1 and #4) open for all members to use.
  • the washrooms will be sanitized regularly by the Club Steward.
  • the clubhouse dining area, kitchen, screened porch and office remain closed and off limits and are clearly marked as such.

I agree to:

  • use the hand sanitizer provided when both entering and leaving the building.
  • use the outside wash tub as much as possible for hand cleaning and the requirement for boat washing hot or cold water.
  • follow the cleaning protocol request to members outlined and posted inside each washroom.
  • not use clubhouse garbage cans.
  • not bring personal food or drink into the clubhouse for preparation in the kitchen or storage in the fridge or freezer.


These are not normal circumstances. All members are asked to be flexible and polite and to compromise when necessary. All members shall comply with these directives. The MBSC reserves the right to reprimand anyone for not following these directives, insist that they be followed and, at the sole discretion of any Officer, ask the individual(s) to leave the property.


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