CAN Sail 1 & 2 Ages 9 to 16

CAN Sail 1 & 2 classes are for newcomers to sailing. Participants progress through these two levels as they build their fundamental knowledge, skill, and confidence. Time is divided between on-the-water lessons and land-based instruction on theory, covering, the boat, knots, weather and rules of the road. On the water, the focus is on practical boat-handling skills and seamanship.

Sailing is not just about learning the skills – we recognize that having fun and making new friends is what summer is all about. Each class is 2 weeks in duration.


CAN Sail 3 & 4 Ages 12 to 17

The CAN Sail levels 3 & 4 are designed to build on the skills learned in CANSail 1 & 2 and introduce performance sailing techniques to participants. Weather, safety on the water, spinnaker and trapeze skills will be introduced and racing techniques. Classes will using Fusions 15’s, Bytes and the RS Quest.

CAN Sail 3 & 4 classes are each 2 weeks in length but enrolling in two sessions is recommended to complete the course.

Chutes & Wires

Ages 14 to 18

All about Speed! This two week focused program for those who are working on or have completed CANSail 4 or equivalent. It is designed to hone their sailing skills on the race course. All students will continue to advance their skills level while practicing racing starts, tacking on wind shifts, right of way rules, mark rounding and race starting procedures. Chutes & Wires classes will use Laser 2’s and the Fusion 15’s. Participants may also bring their own boats.

Classes are each 2 weeks in length but enrolling in two sessions is recommended.

Able Sail Logo

Several years ago, an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant enabled MBSC to enhance our facilities and acquire purposed boats for individuals with physical or mental challenges.

The shore facilities include new docks with wheelchair accessible ramps, a hoyer lift, main clubhouse accessible pathways from club, dinghy shed and pavilion to the water. We operate an Independence 20 keelboat, on loan from Atlantic Challenge.

AbleSail – Adult Sailing Experience on the Independence 20

Able Sail Independence 20 AbleSail adult participants will experience the joys of sailing with our instructor. For some, it is a one day adventure into a new world. For others, it can be a new pastime, as they develop their skills further on each outing. We work with local service agencies to provide opportunities to their clients.
Sessions are scheduled at a mutually agreed time.
If you or your service agency would like to take part, or if you know someone who is physically or developmentally disabled who would enjoy a sailing experience, contact