Election Report

September 24, 2018

Election Report September 24, 2018 Dear Members, No further nominations were received from the membership by the close of nominations. The following slate of candidates is automatically elected and, with no other business proposed for the Fall AGM, no meeting is required. Please support the following members who have come forward to serve on the … Read More

Dry Sailing Trailers

September 19, 2018

Important Notice to all dry sailing members…… Please move your boat and trailer from the center of the parking lot to the edge against the lawn no later Thursday September 19. Sorry for the short notice but the early haul out date seems to have crept up suddenly. Bruce and the guys are out this … Read More

NO Parking – Haul out prep

September 18, 2018

September 17, 2018. PARKING RESTRICTIONS The “NO PARKING” signs were placed today in preparation for cradle layout which takes place Friday MORNING September 21st and cradle placement on Sunday September 23rd ALL DAY. A-dock, C-dock and J-dock area beyond the shed located at the north end of G/H dock are to be free of vehicles … Read More

Club Haul Signup Posted

August 7, 2018

To all members, The Haul List on the club bulletin board has been updated and corrected. Thank you all for the additions and modifications which have been made personally. This is the definitive haul data to be used to organize the two haul dates this year. You will recall that Early Haul is Sept 29th, while … Read More

MBSC and Midland

July 11, 2018

MBSC and Midland – Over the past several months, the MBSC Lease Negotiation Committee, consisting of John Lister, Peter Wolfhard, Paul Murphy and Ted Symons, have prepared a written submission to the Town which is intended to set out the development history of the Club and its considerable value to the Town’s recreational community.  It … Read More