Slips, Launch and Haul Announcements

Slips Launch and Haul Update March 29, 2018

To all MBSC Members,

Important 2018 SLH Dates:
Launch Saturday May 5. 7:00 AM
Cradle Storage. Sunday May 6
Haul Date Choice Deadline.(Early or Late) Thursday August 30
No Changes to Haul Date accepted after: Tuesday September 4
Parking Lot Cradle Layout. Friday September 21
Cradle Placement. Sunday September 23
Early Haul. Saturday September 29. 7:00 AM
Late Haul. Saturday October 20. 7:00 AM

While preparing for launch, ensure your cradles and vessels are complying to bylaws: 6.2.3 sling locations marked on gunnels; 6.2.4 keel placement marked on cradle; 6.2.5 self supporting pads; 6.3.6 cradles identified with name of boat and owner and bow and stern marked. See bylaws for exact wording. Please note a change to bylaw 6.3.3 (see March executive minutes) prohibiting attachment of extra items to folded cradle (eg. no ladders)

Two Single Piece 50’ control lines are required (bow and stern.) A reminder to bring extra 50’ lines if you have them. Cradles are to be folded by end of launch day.

There are currently 23 skippers who have identified and paid for Haul with Commercial Crane who have not specified early or late haul. There will be a Haul Binder near the bulletin board. Please check this and verify that your haul date is correct. As well please make a careful note of the Haul Date Deadlines indicated above. No exceptions will be made.

We have 138 boats plus dinghy docks to be launched this year on Launch Day. Please be at the club by 0700 ready to work as crew if required. Crew lists will be posted on the bulletin board. Remember SAFETY is our number one priority. Hard hats are available and a Safety Briefing will be conducted at the beginning of each shift.

Fair weather and sunny skies are predicted for launch day! Let’s work safely as a team and enjoy the day.

If you have a question, please contact me directly at I would ask that you not use “mbsc1″or “Nyssa” to do so.

Thank you, Bruce

Slip Assignment Policy

All requests for slip assignment or slip reassignment should be made by email with the Director of Slips, Launch and Haul, include the make and dimensions of the vessel in order for us to proceed. Once received, these requests will be posted on the Waitlist below. Where possible slip assignments for the current year will be made during the month of March. Assignments not satisfied at this time will remain on the "Slips/Request" list.


Wait List

Member Boat Make/Model LOA Slip Sn
Rick White White Sails Tanzer 26 26.33 F8 346
Bob Connors Bon Vivant C & C 36 MK I 35.67 J10 377
Gordon Bridges Bonaventure Aloha 34 34.00 C3 400
Mark Mueller Indigo Niagara 31 31.25 C2 479
Shaun Lahaie Emotional Rescue Catalina 30 29.92 A10 508
Peter Douglas Hai Now Shark 24 24.00 554
Patrick Flecknell Sunrise II Nonsuch 26 26.00 555

Available Slips

Slip Width Min Length Max Length P/S
A14 12.00 22.00 30.00 S
F18 99.00 24.00 28.00 S
G15 12.50 32.00 36.00 S