Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the clubhouse for a private function?
Yes! As long as there are no conflicts with club functions you can book the facilities in advance with the Director of Buildings & Grounds. Keep in mind that there will still be club members coming into the clubhouse to use the washrooms or retrieve equipment. You will need to leave the clubhouse as clean as you found it and provide propane if you are using the grills.


Can I have guests dock a boat at the club?
Yes! If there are slips available you can have guests that are members of another yacht club stay for up to 2 nights. Contact the Director of Slips, Haul & Launch to get slip assignments. Use of the pumpout or mast crane are restricted to members of MBSC. Guests staying longer than 2 nights need advance approval from the Executive and there may be a fee levied.


Can I store my boat at the club in the summer?
Only active boats are to be stored on the grounds in season. Active dinghy & dry sailors can keep their boat on the grounds. All boats must be launched in the spring or removed from the grounds the week of launch with the exception of dry sail boats and dinghies.


How can I fulfill my workhours?
Ensure your email address with the club is correct and up to date as miscellaneous jobs are routinely posted. Most Directors have committees that help with their duties, contact a director if you have applicable skills or want to help in a particular area.


How can I get an announcement or event on the website?
Send your formatted announcement or event to Submissions. Ensure you have included any photos and checked spelling. Events should also include the date, start time and end time. See this page for more information.


What do I need to do to prepare for haul?
You’ll need a pair of 50′, single piece lines, one on the bow and one on the stern. You will need to clearly mark the sling points on both sides, fore and aft, on your boat.
If you’re hauling mast up you’ll also need to have lines secured under your hull fore and aft at the sling positions and you will need to remove the back stay. For deck step boats secure the mast from the spreaders to the aft. Notify the Assistant Foreman if you require the crash boat to assist you backing into the haul slip.


Can I haul at the club if my boat doesn't have a slip?
Yes! If you’re a member in good standing and your boat is within the specifications to keep a boat at the club you can haul, store and launch at the club even if your boat is not in a slip at the club.


What do I need to do to prepare for launch?
You’ll need a pair of 50′, single piece lines, one on the bow and one on the stern. Inform the Assistant Foreman before launch if you will need a crash boat to tow you from the launch point.


How do I change slips?
Slips are assigned based on best fit for the boat and your seniority number. If you would like to change slips contact the Director of Slips, Launch & Haul to get a new assignment or be placed on the wait list.


Buying a new boat?
If you’re in the market for a new boat check with the Director of Slips, Haul & Launch to ensure there is an available slip. If you already have a boat in a slip the slip does NOT automatically get assigned to the new boat. Once your existing boat leaves the club its slip becomes available to the member on the slip waitlist with the highest seniority.


Selling your boat?
Contact the Director of Slips, Haul & Launch or the Treasurer via email to ensure you’re refunded any slip fees paid. Fees are pro-rated to the date the boat leaves the club or when notification is given, whichever is later.


Do I keep the same slip year to year?
Yes. Once a slip is assigned to a boat it typically won’t change unless you request a change. Occasionally the Director of Slips, Launch & Haul may determine, in conjunction with the Executive, that a boat or boats need to be moved to better accomodate all members of the club. On March 1st of each year any slips that open due to lack of application from a member will be assigned from the waitlist based on seniority.


What are the cradle requirements?
Cradles need to be in good repair and marked with the owner’s name, boat name, bow and stern. All cradles must fold flat or be removed from the club grounds after launch. The pads should be self supporting and not need to be held while the crane is lifting the boat. Cradles should be of a size and construction that is suitable for the boat and managable for placement by the cradle crews.


What is the largest boat I can keep at the club?
Keel Boats
Maximum LOA – 40 feet
Beam – 13 feet
Displacement – 20,000 pounds brochure weight
Draft – 6 feet

If a boat exceed 20,000 pounds actual weight it is to hauled and launched elsewhere.

Restricted to centreboard boats with a maximum length over all of 19 feet.


Are these the real rules?
No. These are abbreviated & paraphrased. See the formal bylaws and constitution in the members only area for specific rules and wording.