To all members using Commercial Crane Services

September 24

There are, no doubt, many members talking about the changes to the haul schedule and the different locations for your boat storage. I will provide some background information to inform the discussions taking place.

At our committee wrap up meeting after haul in 2019, I presented the following information.

CRANE COSTS (Early Haul)

Large Crane total cost $10,380 ($716.00/hour)

Number of boats hauled was 27.

Cost per boat $384

Small Crane total cost $4,818 ($419.00/hour)

Number of boats hauled was 40.

Cost per boat $120.

Two options were discussed:

Charge members more for using the large crane.

Find a more efficient way to use the large crane.

We proposed to the Executive that a $100.00 surcharge be applied to all vessels hauled with Mast Up. The motion was passed and will be presented for ratification at the next AGM. This will be implemented in 2021. Hauling with mast up is a premium service and I believe members should support the nominal fee that has been proposed

The inefficiency of using the large crane at J-dock spit has vexed us for years. We were unable to haul boats mast up at C-dock due to insufficient water depth and the need to back vessels into the haul slips.

While at the club in mid June to discuss the partial paving at C parking area we learned that cradles could not be placed upon the tar and chip paved areas. We argued successfully that the location of the paved area should be driven by the position of the cradles and not the other way round. Perhaps now was the time to make a change in our haul routine.

We devised a technique to bridge two finger docks with a haul platform, allowing us to haul boats from the end of the finger docks. We believed we would be able to make better use of the large crane as there would be only one setup and all boats could be hauled from one location. Efficiently staging boats at the service dock would facilitate a vessel always being ready at the haul platform.

Typically ⅔ of boats are hauled at Early Haul. In order to satisfy this, we determined that a single haul weekend would be appropriate. This year we chose the traditional early haul weekend before Thanksgiving. (The first weekend after Thanksgiving could also be an option in the future.) We surveyed Late Haul skippers and found only a few who objected to the change. Slightly more wholeheartedly supported the change. Many were non-committal.

A plan was presented to the Executive and a motion was passed to go to a single haul weekend at the July meeting. An email was sent to the membership announcing this change on July 9th.

While the uncertainties around Covid have affected launch and haul this year, this change was largely driven by other factors. The most important for our committee is that a single Haul Weekend will significantly lessen the amount of work that it takes for us to facilitate haul. There are a lot of balls to juggle for us to organize this service for our members. The improved efficiency and predicted cost savings for crane services are significant as well.

The efforts from every member of the Slips, Launch and Haul Committee have been colossal this year. Please support us with your patience and good humour.

If you have questions or concerns, you may reach any of my team members by emailing (

Bruce Baker
Slips, Launch and Haul

Haul Weekend October 3-4

September 21, 2020
To All Members,
Another reminder that no vehicles or
boat trailers are  to be on any of the lots beginning 0800 Friday the 25th until Sunday the 27th.
The attached LINKS should be opened by all members involved in Haul Weekend. There are instructions for Skippers and Crews.
COVID-19 restrictions are still in place. MBSC Code of Conduct must be followed. We have done our best to provide our members a safe environment for the weekend. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated.
Thank you,
Bruce Baker
Slips, Launch & Haul

September 18, 2020.

Hello all members,


Parking restrictions will be in place beginning Friday September 25 to Sunday September 27 to facilitate parking lot cradle layout and placement. We cannot have any vehicles or boat trailers at A, J or C-Lot areas. Boats on trailers should be moved parallel to the Bayport fence.

Final preparations for Haul Weekend are nearing completion. We hope to have Crew Assignments and cradle layout drawings available for posting early next week.

We will use a similar approach to Launch Weekend by having staggered arrival times for members hauling boats. You will be required to arrive at a specific time, park outside the gate and present yourself to the Gate Attendant who will note your arrival. Non members arriving as crew will be required to give their name and cell phone number to the Attendant. Please ensure you are available by cell phone should we need to contact you. (We will also use vhf channel 14 during the weekend.)

All persons entering will be required to have a mask for personal use. We encourage you to wear your mask at all times. All Club and Provincial protocols are to be respected.

Preparations for haul must be completed on or before Friday, October 2. There will be no access to the service dock or cranes on Haul Weekend. Members not hauling will be required to check in at the gate and are asked to proceed directly to their boats.

Please open the above links for the location of cradles. Boats at C-dock will haul on Saturday, while A-dock and J-dock boats will be hauled on Sunday.

— Thank you
Bruce Baker
Slips, Launch & Haul

Midland Waterfront Development

We have been asked to circulate notice of a petition regarding the development of Midland’s waterfront, particularly to limit condo development that would interfere with public access to what is probably Midland’s greatest asset. The link below will take you to the petition if you are inclined to take part.

Midland waterfront Petition

MBSC and Midland Sports Hall of Fame

MBSC has been chosen as a 2020 inductee into the Midland Sports Hall of Fame in the Historical Sports Venue category. An application had been submitted based on the historical account of the development of the Club that appears on the website in Member Links as MBSC and Midland under About Us. An informal gathering was held in Little Lake Park on August 5, 2020 to recognize this honour as well as the other chosen inductees and the Club was represented by Iain McKinnon and Ted Symons. The program was taped by Rogers TV but there has been no information as to when it may air.

This was another event that was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and it is anticipated that a more formal award ceremony will be held sometime in the future.