I hope this finds you and your family safe and well during these trying times we find the world in. We know many of you are directly affected by the situation and remain in isolation having returned from areas of the world blessed with warm sun and beautiful beaches. Welcome home to those folks and I hope your 14 day quarantine goes without surprises. This virus has changed the way we are able to interact with others and the environment. Governments have been forced to make drastic decisions that affect how we go about our normal routines. The Board met virtually last night for our monthly meeting and we have made decisions that will mean members will have to make accommodations to their normal spring routine. These decisions will also have an affect on our whole summer and likely beyond.

As you are aware, the Board has decided to delay our launch until June this year. The Covid-19 situation is still in flux but we had to book the cranes for the new dates as soon as we could. We hope that this date works but as noted they could change, should government regulations continue to recommend that we remain apart and in isolation.

Another decision we have made is to formally cancel the Sailing School for this year. We thought long and hard on whether we should wait another month to make this decision, but it was felt that we would be remiss in our responsibilities to wait. This affects participants, families and their plans and the plans of our Instructors. By making the decision now we can help our staff with any available government programs to assist them through this period and give student’s families time to make alternate plans. This was not an easy decision but one that had to be made.

The Sailing School decision has allowed us to further develop the plans to rebuild the Dinghy Shed. The pressure to have the build done for the School season has been removed and we hope that the project can proceed, albeit in a more controlled, responsible manner. We will continue to evaluate our options and let members know as they develop.

The current Provincial regulations have limited construction on the dock projects. They are on hold until we get the ok to proceed and the contractor is willing to proceed. We know that we cannot launch without these dock projects complete so we are working with our contractors and watching the Provincial regulations carefully.

As you all may be aware, the latest Town of Midland edicts have closed all town launch ramps and the town dock. We are a tenant of the town and therefor we feel we too must comply with the town’s rulings. Effective now the gates to the club have been closed to all members and the public. Signs have been placed indicating the club is closed. We will watch the developments on this front and inform members when the club will open for members to prep their boats for launch.

I know this is difficult for all members, but it is important that we get control of the virus prior to getting back to our normal routines. It is our hope that we can launch all member boats in June and get on with the sailing season of 2020. As a volunteer club we know that will be difficult for us all. We each need to do our part during this crisis to ensure we can come out the other end and get on with our lives. None of this is fun nor will it please us all. These decisions were made with the interest of all taken into consideration. At this moment every aspect of the club will be impacted by Covid-19 and every member needs to support the Board’s decisions. We all need to do our part during this pandemic and we all need to assist once we come out the other side of this.

    To review the Executive’s decisions on the Covid-19 response:
  • Launch has been postponed until June and we must remain flexible on this date
  • we hope to launch all member’s boats at that time of launch
  • the gates to the club are closed and secured, as is the clubhouse
  • the Sailing School program has been cancelled for 2020
  • we will continue with the new Dinghy Shed as regulations permit
  • Dock work has been suspended but will be done prior to launch
  • Be safe and keep in touch with those you care for. The Executive will try to keep you all informed of any changes that arise. Together, as a club, we can plan everything that will be needed in the future, there will be a lot to do.

    Larry Donaldson,
    Commodore, Midland Bay Sailing Club.