October 6, 2020.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Skippers and Crew


We have successfully launched and hauled our boats during an unprecedented time. The challenges we have faced both personally and at our Club have, at times, been overwhelming. Last evening, for example, Denise and I cancelled our Thanksgiving plans with our daughter and her family. At this point, grandparents and grandchildren don’t mix.

This past weekend, however, offered a demonstration once again, of the strengths and good natured abilities of our members. Your Slips, Launch and Haul team introduced significant changes to “Haul with Commercial Crane.” The large crane hauled all boats at C-dock from one set up point including all Mast-Up vessels. Boats at both A and J-dock were hauled with the small crane the following day.

The Club hauled 102 vessels over the two day period and with just a few issues, did so safely and with good humour. Both crews worked long days with the crew on Sunday dealing with nasty weather conditions. Thank you to all crew members who participated for your exceptional efforts.

Thanks as well to all members for your cooperation with the changes to haul. The S,L&H team (Clarence Pardy, Dave Creith, Dave Richards, David Armstrong, Derek Lasky, Matt Thurley, Rob Darch, Terry Bell, Bruce Baker) will meet once again this year to review and learn from our experience. Please remember that we are a member driven club. We all have responsibilities for our club’s success. We depend on each other.

On behalf of the team, I wish you good health and good fortune in the coming months. Let’s each do our part in keeping our friends and families safe. As we prepare for our stay-at-home winter, let’s all plan for a great sailing season in 2021.

Bruce Baker
Slips, Launch and Haul