Chutes and Wires – Not Currently Offered

AGE 14 to 18


Please Note: Chutes & Wires will not be available for Summer 2024

This course is all about Speed! This two week, race focused program is for those who have completed CANSail 4 or an equivalent level. It is designed to hone their sailing and racing skills as well as learning new ways to increase their boat speed. All students will continue to advance their skills level while practicing racing starts, tacking on wind shifts, right of way rules, mark rounding and race starting procedures. They will also learn how to rig and sail with a spinnaker in different scenarios, as well as learning to use a trapeze to keep their boat flat and maintain the highest possible speed. Chutes & Wires classes will use Laser 2’s and the Fusion 15’s. Participants may also bring their own boats.

Classes are each 2 weeks in length but enrolling in two sessions is recommended.