Please make a note of launch and haul dates for 2018

Launch: First Saturday in May – May 5
Early Haul: First Saturday before the Thanksgiving weekend – September 29
Late Haul: Second Saturday after the Thanksgiving weekend – October 20

In the coming years we will be checking all cradles to verify their safety and compliance with our bylaws. An interesting historical story that was brought to my attention this fall: At one point there were cradles made with lumber at the club! Members were given a time frame of three years to obtain steel cradles.

Members of our team will be inspecting cradles prior to launch and tagging those requiring modifications. This coming year, we will be concentrating on a few specific issues.

By-Law 6.2.4 requires keel placement guides on cradles or trailers to facilitate boat placement without undue delay

By-Law 6.2.5 requires hull support pads to be self-supporting while the boat is being placed on the cradle or trailer. This is very important, as no one should be under the boat while it is in the hoist.

By-Law 6.3.6 requires boat name, bow, stern and owner identification markings

Please refer to the bylaws for clarification.

As well, this is a reminder of the requirement to have single 50-foot lines attached fore and aft to act as bow and stern lines during launch and haul. Lengths of line pieced together with knots are NEVER acceptable. The knots can catch on docks and indeed a few years ago a knot failed and one of our line handlers went for an involuntary swim!

You may be surprised to know that a few of our skippers can’t afford the capital expense of two 50-foot lines. I know, I know. Unbelievable. To that end I am asking you to search your garages, basements and cockpit lockers for spare lines to help these unfortunate souls. You may give these to any member of our team and we will make them available on launch day. Any boat without proper lines may be refused service.

In addition to the above, which was written in December, everyone should be aware that slip assignments will be made in the next week. All requests for slip assignment or re-assignment should be emailed to me. Terry Bell and I will use the “Slip Requests” page on the website as our resource for making slip assignments. If your name is on the Request List, there is no need to contact me and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Bruce Baker
Slips, Launch and Haul

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