Launch                                                                                             Saturday May 4

Final date for Early/Late Haul choice                                        Friday August 30

There will be no changes accepted after this date.

Lot layout for haul                                                                 Friday September 27

Cradle placement                                                                 Sunday September 29

Early Haul                                                                                   Saturday October 5

Late Haul                                                                                   Saturday October 26

Ladies & Gentlemen, Skippers and Crew,

The ice breaker Pierre Radisson is steaming north by Detroit on route to Midland to release the bulk carrier Baie Comeau from her ice bound berth. Perhaps we can have the Pierre Radisson nose into the club to set our docks free! We are four weeks from launch day and just under two feet of ice was reported at B-dock last week!

Our team met last week to begin plans for the day. Crews have been assigned. The crew lists will be posted on the website under the Slips, Launch & Haul Tab in the members area, as well as on the bulletin board at the club. In addition to the usual format of Crew Assignments, there will be an alphabetical listing which will make it easier for you to find your responsibility for the day. Headings are: (Surname/ First/ Shift/ Location/ Job)

There will be a Job Description List posted on the bulletin board. Please review the entire list, paying specific attention to instructions for your assigned task.

Safety will be a priority for all of us who are at the club on launch day.  All persons who are not in the clubhouse will be required to wear a hardhat. We initiated this at haul last fall as a reminder that we are in a heavy equipment environment. There will be hardhats available in the clubhouse and at other locations. Please comply with this protocol.

Cradle Inspections: In the spring cradles were inspected for compliance with our bylaws. 96 cradles had deficiencies and were tagged. 54 cradles were corrected. Thank you.  42 cradles with one or more deficiencies were noted at haul out.  A binder will be available labelled (Cradle Inspection Binder 2018/2019) on the counter under the bulletin board. Refer to the alphabetical listing by boat name to identify the noncompliant cradles. Please correct these issues prior to launch. After launch day the names of members who have not corrected their cradles will be posted on the bulletin board.

Skippers should be aware that all preparations for launch are to be completed prior to launch day. Applying bottom paint at cradle pad positions will not be allowed on launch day. Should painting be required, drop each pad individually and apply paint while the vessel is in the cradle. Cradles are to be folded by the end of the day in preparation for cradle storage on Sunday the 5th of May.