Early Haul is September 30th - Late Haul is October 28th

Haul will start with crew briefings by the Foreman at 0700 HRS.
  • You must be present when your boat is hauled to direct sling placement.
  • All boats must have a single piece 50' line bow and stern.
  • All crew members must wear a hard hat.
  • Only crew members on duty shall be in the crane lift radius.
  • Roll call will be taken by the assistant foreman at the end of each shift.
  • Crash Boats must be manned when boats are being hauled.
Early Haul Crew 60 Ton Crane - A Dock Area & Parking Lot
Position 1st Shift 2nd Shift
Foreman Karel Cerveny Dallis Favret
Assistant Foreman Lisa deVos Lisa deVos
Safety Officer Harold Darch Gerald Field
Bow Line Ted O'Leary Jeff Dryden
Stern Line Jerry Gorman Mike Lucas
Slings Mike Schlorff Shaun Lahaie
  Raymond Svazas Chris Avery
  Scott Ashley Graeme Jay
Peter Vermeulen /
Mike McCulloch
Tom Gardzinski
Cradle Foreman Bill Westfall Serge Tremblay
Cradle Crew Brian Stewart Ron Sansom
  Larry Gorman Hugh Jones
    Doug Foster
Guy Robertson /
Leslie Sim
Crash Boat Charlie Pepper Rick White
  Peter Tietz Rick Burgess
Gate Security Gord Bridges Robin Allen
Early Haul Crew 110 Ton Crane - Spit & Parking Lot
Position 1st Shift 2nd Shift
Foreman George Lucas Paul Therrien
Assistant Foreman Len Mitchell David King
Safety Officer Don Allin Carl Styan
Bow Line David Law Richard Allan
Stern Line Rob Darch Paul Murphy
  Tom Grover Dennis Cameron
  Dave Sutherland Russell Worrad
Slings Bob Mullins Phil Malcove
  Don Eastop Nick Reynolds
  Jeff Higgs David Whiteside
  Doug Baker Chris Caswell
  Kevin Tigwell Garry Cole
Cradle Foreman Peter Aldir David Griffiths
Cradle Crew Peter Edgley Gunter Schulz
    Herman Boermans
    Annette Zoheret
    Bob Mosher
Crash Boat Guy Robertson Bruno Hoflich
  Rod Miller Dave Richards
Late Haul Crew - A Dock Area & Parking Lot
Position 1st Shift 2nd Shift
Foreman Richard Birchall Richard Birchall
Assistant Foreman Mark Sakula Paul McNamara
Safety Officer Tim Baetz Doug Hunter
Bow Line Cameron Berry Kevin Riddle
Stern Line Gord Gardner Greg Armstrong
Slings Howard Walker Alex Wilson
  Justin Kiteley Eugene Kokbas
  David Higgs Derek Magee
  Russ Curry Mark Simpson
Cradle Foreman Roger Chapman George Restrup
Cradle Crew Brian Vermeulen Bill Westfall
  John George Ken Good
  Don Rethoret  
  Peter Edgley  
Crash Boat Peter Hayden John Ferrier
  Don Lester Kathryn Gallichan
Gate Security Robin Tidd Peter O'Hara
Sailing School Dock Crew - Sailing School Docks
Position Docks
Foreman Matt Thurley
Assistant Foreman Ewan Campbell
Slings Laura Pitkanen
  Iain McKinnon
  Dominic Codireni
Crash Boat Mark Mueller
  Jason Cleland