To all members,

As you are aware, our team inspected cradles in the spring prior to and during launch. Cradles were “tagged” and a Binder was created identifying member’s cradles that were non compliant with our bylaws. Cradles were re-inspected during both haul days.

131 cradles were inspected.
96 cradles were “tagged” to notify members of deficiencies requiring correction.
54 members corrected their cradles.
42 cradles have not been corrected.

These bylaws were put in place by members for the convenience and safety of crews during the placement of cradles, and the placement of vessels on the cradles. Some especially address safety and efficiency during launch and haul.

For those of you who have not taken the opportunity to correct your deficiencies, I ask you once again to correct them by launch day next May.

For your convenience, I have copied the pertinent bylaws below. Please note that identifying marks are best placed on the sides of cradles such that they can be seen by the cradle placement crews when they are stacked during summer storage. This makes it much easier and safer for crews to identify cradles without having to climb on top of the pile. Sling marks need to be visible from the ground during launch and from the deck during haul.

-To those of you who have made changes, thank you. For those of you have not….please do so.

Once again, I ask that you always contact me directly at the email address listed below.

Thank you
Bruce Baker
Slips, Launch & Haul

6.2.3 Members must have all sling locations clearly marked on their boats to assist the sling handlers in properly positioning slings to allow a swift and safe lift.
6.2.4 Members must install a keel placement guide on their cradles or trailers to assist the haul out crew in placing the boat without undue delay.
6.2.5 Cradle or trailer pads or hull support apparatus must be capable of standing in position to accept the boat without the necessity of persons under a slung boat manually performing this task.
6.3.6 Cradles and trailers must have the bow and stern identified and marked with the name of the boat and owner, clearly visible from both the bow and stern locations.