Club Haul Signup Posted

To all members,

The Haul List on the club bulletin board has been updated and corrected. Thank you all for the additions and modifications which have been made personally. This is the definitive haul data to be used to organize the two haul dates this year. You will recall that Early Haul is Sept 29th, while Late Haul is October 20th.
Launch and Haul data is taken directly from Applications for Service. Where this information is not included on these forms, the 2018 Haul List located on the bulletin board provides a convenient means to register this information. The deadline for announcing Haul Date Choice is Labour Day Weekend. There are just a few vessels whose haul dates have not been identified. (Aldebaran, Escapade, Mistral, Platform 9 3/4, and Sundance. As has been communicated previously there will be no changes made to haul dates after September 3rd.
New members should be sure to verify correct haul information on this list. All members should make any changes prior to the deadline.
Thank you,  Bruce Baker